“Self Energy emerges from our relationship with our parts.”
– Steve Chee

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Collective Self Energy

Collective Self Energy is generated when we come together for a common cause, bring our full Selves and welcome all of our parts.

In the healing spaciousness of true Collective Self Energy, you and your parts will be accepted just as you are.

Connection matters.

There is a richness that unfolds when we welcome ALL of our parts as we come together in our diversity and uniqueness to consciously connect.

In Collective Self Energy, we can be held and we can hold each other as we nurture the shared space between us.

“Remember the power of what a deeply caring environment can do for you & your system.”
– Shruti Nair

IFS Therapist, Collective Self Energy

Jaclyn Long, MFT | Founder & Director

At Collective Self Energy, our Mission is to create sacred spaces for people to explore their internal systems together, in community. Our Vision is to offer you an experiential understanding of Collective Self Energy through our IFS Retreats and Self-Leadership Courses.

You might also benefit from a more personal healing journey supported by our team of IFS therapists who have been trained through the IFS Institute.

Online in all of California. Offices in Los Altos, San Jose and Half Moon Bay, CA.

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