Any and all deposits and/or payments for the workshop portion of our retreats / courses are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please note that there will be no refunds for any reason for the workshop portion, including illness. Thank you for your understanding.

PLEASE NOTE: This cancellation policy is for the Retreat / Course portion of the payment – and does not include accommodations. The accommodation cancellation policy will vary depending on the retreat center. Please inquire.

At Collective Self Energy, we are co-sponsored by Mindful Child & Family Therapy. We are constantly learning and are working to improve our training courses. We would love to hear from you and are open to feedback that can help us learn, grow and improve our courses. If you (a participant / potential participant) want to share feedback, if you have any complaints or if you want to file a dispute, please email Sioux, our Office Administrator at or call Sioux at 650-297-3400 x 8. Although we cannot guarantee a particular outcome, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Our staff at Collective Self Energy and Mindful Child & Family Therapy will work side by side with you, and together we will do our best to try to resolve any issues you encounter in as agreeable a manner as possible.

Participant information (including name, email, address & phone) from all training courses will be kept confidential, private & secure. One important caveat to this is that in order to prevent dual relationships (for instance, a therapist and client sharing a room together), we will send a list of participant names to the group ahead of time. We might also invite you to elect to create a contact sheet after the training is done so you can stay in touch with course participants.

Please be advised that one of the main differences between a Retreat and a Course is that a Retreat will be more experiential in nature, less didactic and will NOT offer CE’s for licensure. Courses are designed for training purposes, they are both didactic and experiential, and LMFT’s, LPCC’s and LCSW’s licensed in CA will get CE’s towards licensure when you take a training course, as long as the course is co-sponsored by Mindful Child & Family Therapy.

Retreats are designed to enhance your life, support your personal growth and promote well-being. That being said, engaging in experiential activities and getting more familiar with your own internal system is a wonderful way to learn the IFS model and continue to deepen your proficiency with it. So there is tremendous professional benefit from attending a retreat, even though it is not a professional training course..

If the facilitator of the retreat is a recognized Trainer at the IFS Institute, “IFS Institute only” CE’s might be available for your retreat or course, so please inquire if interested if you have a need for IFS Institute CE’s. That being said, please make note that we will not be able to offer CE’s for licensure for participants on a Retreat, since a Retreat is not considered a training Course. Please let us know if you have any questions about this.

No. Most of the courses offered through Collective Self Energy are simply intended to inform therapists, coaches and medical providers about the model by providing them with a basic introduction to the model, while they wait to get into a more comprehensive Level 1 training program through the IFS Institute.

As stated on the IFS Institute website in the FAQ section on this page:

“No. Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 IFS training programs {offered through the IFS Instituteprovide comprehensive training and experience in the IFS therapeutic model. Upon completion of each level of training, participants are prepared to work as IFS therapists, having gained a breadth of knowledge and understanding about the way in which IFS enhances their lives, the lives of their clients, and others. Other IFS events and activities {such as IFS courses offered through IFS California} are generally shorter and/or serve as introductions to aspects of the IFS model.”