Founder & Director:

Jaclyn Long, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

MFT#47100 | 650-297-3400 x 2

Jaclyn Long is a Certified IFS Therapist (trained and certified thru the IFS Institute) and a Somatic IFS Therapist (trained by Susan McConnell), and is also trained in Hakomi and EMDR. She is a Certified Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher and has been teaching yoga since 2001 and leading international retreats since 2004. As Founder & Director of Collective Self Energy and Mindful Child & Family Therapy, Jaclyn Long has been supporting children, teens and adults since 2003. Her style is warm, caring and collaborative. She believes the most powerful therapeutic intervention is helping clients to access the inherent wisdom that rests within… READ MORE

Abel Martinez, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

AMFT #113157     650-297-3400 x4

Location: Los Altos   |   Fee: $170

Modalities: Cognitive Behavioral, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Trauma Informed, Play Therapy, Puppet Play, Family of Origin, Art Therapy, and Psychodrama


Child, Teen & Transitional Age: Depression, anxiety, maladaptive behaviors, isolation, transition to adulthood fears, acculturation challenges

Adult: Individual, couples, addiction, depression, anxiety, anger/violence, acculturation challenges, male identity issues

Throughout the last 26 years working in Mental Health, I have honed my skills in connecting with the most vulnerable of our society. My time with Uplift Children and Family Services provided me the opportunity to work with traumatized, children, teens & adults with severe behavioral challenges, as well as socioeconomic and generational trauma. My work with Refugee Foster Care and Family Reunification forged a gentle, trauma informed approach to therapy…READ MORE

Andrea Throndson, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist 

MFT #103006       650-297-3400 x 6

Location: Palo Alto, CA     |     Fee: $200

Modalities: Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Trauma Informed

Specialties: Adults and teens navigating anxiety, depression, grief, addiction, alcoholism. Couples. Family therapy. Co-parenting. Parents who have children with anxiety, addiction, emotional challenges and/or special needs.

Andrea brings a wealth of experience supporting teens, young adults and adults struggling with anxiety, grief, depression and addiction. Andrea offers Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for teens and adults, and has completed Marsha Linnehan’s 16 week DBT Foundational Course. Andrea also has extensive training and experience supporting people and families dealing with alcohol and drug addiction at the Addictions Institute in Menlo Park. She worked for several years at Kara (Grief Support Services) and has extensive training and…READ MORE

Erin Todhunter, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

MFT #130218       650-297-3400 x 7

Location: Los Altos, CA      |      Fee: $200

Modalities: Internal Family Systems, Trauma Informed, Person-Centered

Areas of Special Interest:

CHILDREN & TEENS: Anxiety, OCD, stress, overwhelm, peer challenges, adjustment to school, self identity, grief & loss and life transitions.

ADULTS: Couples, anxiety, OCD, depression, relationship / communication challenges, life transitions, grief & loss, parenting support, maternal anxiety / depression, maternal loss.

Erin believes strongly in the value of therapy as a way of addressing unresolved issues, getting unstuck and finding new and better ways of being in relationship with oneself and others. Her theoretical orientation is influenced by Internal Family Systems and is rooted in person-centered, humanistic, attachment and psychodynamic principles and … READ MORE

Jalene N. Salus, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, Certified Integrative Health Counselor

MFT #45363 | 650-297-3400 x 10

Jalene is a Certified Holistic Health & Nutrition Counselor as well as a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. Jalene is an IFS-Informed therapist, as she has taken the Stepping Stones training as well as Susan McConnell’s Somatic IFS training. She is also a mindfulness instructor, parent educator and mother. She is passionate about inspiring others to live healthy, authentic, and dynamic lives that reflect their greatest potential. She helps people make lifestyle choices that transform their families, communities, and the world.

Jalene offers holistic nutrition counseling and individual, couple, & family therapy. She also leads workshops and retreats on integrative health topics, provides wellness consulting, mindfulness instruction, parenting education and coaching. Above all, you will sense her deep listening with a pure belief in people, and her presence with others in a sacred and honoring manner.

As a therapist, Jalene is a genuinely warm and compassionate guide committed to providing quality care to children, teens, adults, couples, and families. Jalene has a special interest in resiliency, which reflects her unwavering belief in each individual’s profound … READ MORE

Jennifer Merrill, Licensed Social Worker

LCSW #29484 | 650-297-3400 x12

Location: Los Altos, and Half Moon Bay, CA

Fee: $200

Modalities: Internal Family Systems (trained thru the IFS Institute) , Trauma Informed, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Specialities: Children, adolescents, parents, and young adults. Life transitions, identity formation, grief and loss, stress or worry about school or career paths, anxiety, depression, and supporting those coping with a current crisis or wanting to heal from past trauma, complex trauma.

Jennifer believes that the therapist – client relationship is a central part of the healing process, and that the therapist plays a critical role in creating a safe and trusting…READ MORE

Julie Yoo, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

AMFT #118178     650-297-3400 x15

Location: Los Altos   |    Fee: $170

Modalities: Internal Family Systems, Person-Centered, Psychodynamic, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Systems, Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Specialties: anxiety, academic stress, depression, identity issues, launching into adulthood, life transitions, relationship issues, immigration and acculturation issues, women’s issues, trauma….READ MORE

Justin Gillespie, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

AMFT #141194 | 650-297-3400 x19

Supervisor: Lisa Macias, Ph.D. PSY #32178

Location: San Jose & Los Altos, CA

Fee: $170

Modalities: Internal Family Systems (trained thru IFS-I), EMDR, Emotion Focused Therapy


Languages: English, Spanish, Italian

Children & Teens: Trauma, Emotional Dysregulation, Anxiety (Social Anxiety, Separation Anxiety, Academic / Athletic Stress, Perfectionism), Depression, Social-Emotional Issues, Peer Challenges, Developmental Identity & Acculturation Issues.

Adults & Couples: Trauma, Complex Trauma, Early Childhood Trauma, Anxiety, Stress, Spirituality, Identity & Acculturation Issues, Depression, Grief / Loss, Life Transitions, Career Choices, Work Stress / Job Burnout, Parenting Support, Desires for Authenticity and Integrity.

Experience: Having lived and worked for years both in Italy and in Ireland, being fluent in Spanish and Italian, Justin is accustomed to listening within different cultural and linguistic frames, focusing on the client’s unique experience and personality…READ MORE

Linda Meyer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

LCSW #96165 650-297-3400 x 11

Location: Los Altos & Half Moon Bay | Fee: $200

Modalities: Internal Family Systems (trained thru the IFS Institute), Trauma Informed, EMDR, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)

Areas of Special Interest:

CHILD & TEENS: Child and Adolescents, Grief and Loss, Trauma and PTSD, Healing from Sexual Abuse, Building Self-Esteem, Coping Skills, Stress, Worry, Anxiety

ADULTS: Grief and Loss, Trauma and PTSD, Healing from Sexual Abuse, Parenting Support, Building Self-Esteem, Coping Skills, Stress, Worry, Anxiety

Linda is passionate about helping clients resolve dissonance between beliefs and experiences, restore interpersonal relationships to wholeness and create empowerment by strengthening internal and external …READ MORE

Lisa Macias, PhD, Psychologist

Psy #32178 650-297-3400 x9

Location: Los Altos & Half Moon Bay | Fee: $280

Modalities: Internal Family Systems (trained thru the IFS Institute), Trauma Informed, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT)


Adolescents and Emerging Adults: Anxiety, peer / school adjustment, health behaviors, trauma, depression, and substance use.
Adults and Couples: Couples dynamics, anxiety, depression, trauma, substance use, parenting, life transitions, and aging.

Lisa has more than 20 years of experience working in the education and mental health fields supporting adolescents, adults, and families. …READ MORE

Shannon Gustafson, Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

AMFT #109016       650-297-3400 x 3 

Location: Los Altos, CA   |   Fee: $170

Areas of Special Interest: Complex Trauma, PTSD, Anxiety & Panic Disorder, Depression, Religious & Spiritual Issues, Identity & Self-Esteem Development, Sexual Assault, Childhood Sexual Abuse, Domestic Violence, LGBTQA+

Modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Person-Centered, Trauma Informed, Play Therapy, Object-Relations/Psychodynamic, Family Systems… READ MORE

Shruti Nair, APCC, Associate Professional Clinical Counselor

APCC #8499     650-297-3400 x14

Location: Los Altos, CA   |   Fee: $170

Modalities: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (M-BCT), Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy, Internal Family Systems

Areas of Special Interest:

Child & Teen: Anxiety, phobias, academic stress, social challenges, low self esteem, identity issues, acculturation, behavioral challenges, defiance, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD / ADHD), special needs with a range from mild learning disabilities to severe developmental challenges, autism-spectrum disorders, trisomy 21

Adults and Couples: Couples, anxiety, depression, phobias, personality disorders.

Shruti is a warm, intuitive, and multilingual therapist with experience in working with clients diverse in age, color, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic backgrounds. …READ MORE

Travis Shubeck, PhD, Psychologist

Psy # 34824 | 650-297-3400 x 5

Location: Teletherapy Only

Fee: $250

Modalities: Internal Family Systems (IFS Level 1 Trained thru IFS-I), Trauma-Informed, Object Relations / Psychodynamic, Person-Centered


Pre-Teens & Adolescents: Trauma, Emotional Regulation, Stress / Anxiety / Perfectionism, Anger, Academic Adjustment, Friendship / Peer Issues, Acculturation, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Mind-Body Symptoms, Health / Self-Care

Adults: Individual, Couples, Parents, Relationships, Trauma, Shame, Parenting Support and Empowerment, Interpersonal Communication, Chronic Pain, Chronic Illness, Mind-Body Symptoms, Divorce & Separation, Healing Separation, Health / Self-care

Travis brings a collaborative and warm approach when working with clients from various socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds… READ MORE

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller